selected filmography

All The Way Through Evening (2011)
T is for Teacher (2009)

'Do Right' Sal Kimber and the Rollin' Wheel (2011)
'Beat Gets Louder' Sal Kimber and the Rollin' Wheel (2011)
'Hasta Luego' Chris Pickering (2010)
'All The King's Men' Georgia Fields (2010)
'Something Borrowed, Something Blue' Georgia Fields (2010)

Little Mercy (2010)
'Behind the Scenes' (2010)
Libido Ex Machina (2010)
Senseless (2006-7)
When Darkness Falls (2005)


T is for Teacher
70 mins, Dir. Rohan Spong, USA/AUSTRALIA 2009
T IS FOR TEACHER charts the experiences of four American school teachers as they transition from male to female. First time documentary director Rohan Spong travels to Minnesota, New York, Arizona and New Mexico. Along the way he interviews the school administrators, students, parents and members of conservative christian groups about these remarkable women and their struggles and triumphs.

This critically acclaimed work screened at many international film festivals in 2009-10. It was named by two Australian reviewers as amongst the best films of 2009.


Kansas International Film Festival 2009
Scottsdale International Film Festival 2009
International Film Festival of Ireland 2009
Melbourne Queer Film Festval 2009
Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2009
Bayside Film Festival 2009